I haven’t been posting here on WP for the reason that I got a lil’ more comfortable with my other blog-host.

One more thing is, there are number of modifications that needs attention in accordance to make this site more conducive for reading.

I give you my word that as soon as I have my final-layout of what I really want to do with WP, non-stop flow of posts shall be seen.

Many places shall be visited now that I got that paper (diploma).
Will be postin’ soon!

Your blogger,
Vivie Repato


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Marriage is a Commitment.

This is my ‘reaction paper’ for my subject entitled Christian Vocation and the Commitment in Marriage

As I was cleaning my documents, I came across to this one, dated August 14, 2010.

So here it is…one of my beliefs revealed, raw as it was.
Continue reading

All you need is YOU.

I’ve been bummed for quite a while and today I had been captivated by the television. Luckily, the rolling films were the good ones, so here’s what I’ve learned.

Sometimes, men’s requirements are not always life’s ‘need’s to survive or to reach your dreams. Continue reading

For Myka Gutierrez

Since I failed to go to Myka’s wake and burial, I promised myself to at least write a post for her, somehow, I hope, this will help to push through justice. I am not a close friend, but I knew her, we spoke a few times and we took some subjects together. I asked for her help Continue reading


This post must have been “My student Life Summary” but I don’t think this post is fitted for that title.

I have been trying to compose this since last night, and I just dunno where to start. I mean, fifteen years of continuous study. Whoa! There were times that I cursed the man who invented education, Continue reading

“That’s impossible, only if you think it’s impossible. “

This afternoon, I came across with Mr. Bo Sanchez’s videos on youtube. Bo’s one of the favorite inspirational authors and speakers of my mom, so I tried to search him in. With this one video, he was talking about impossibilities.

He said that: That’s impossible, only if you think it’s impossible. Continue reading