Fading Christmas Traditions

During my younger years, Christmas was yearly awaited. Every kid’s excited for huge and countless gifts to unwrap, vacation from school, and most especially, the time for a family reunion. I used to play with my cousins with my Christmas dress. I always get my dress in a wreck, behind it, I didn’t care at all. Everything that I have remembered with my Christmases was about receiving happiness in every potential practice.

As years go by, Christmas seem to change. We we’re not the “stars” anymore. Our throne was passed to younger ones. Automatically, more presents for them and lesser for the adults, what’s even worse is sometimes, you are forgotten (this happened last year).

Oh well, our time has gone, besides its better to watch the smiles of the innocent.  So pure and the joy within their eyes are genuine. Most especially, when the cause of the precious scene came from their opened present from you; the joy is absolutely out of the ordinary. Sharing is a lot more accomplishing than receiving.

At present, we cannot deny that materialism is always in the picture. Gifts and money, it usually causes the true essence of the feast fade in the rear of the wrapped goodies.

Why other people began to hate Christmas?

These people may have been to hard situations and moments in their lives.

They might have been really observing the proper practice of tradition, yet they cannot appreciate the trends today.

Lesser gifts, more cash to give.

Kids today ask for ipod, itouch and more gadgets that they see around. During our days, the sunshine was enough to make our day, to drain our energy with outdoor games. These kids tend to be paralyzed without electricity; sit and tap those touch-screens are contentment for them. It’s sad to see them miss the usual activities.

Going for the other relatives. Hmm.. there goes criticism, about your dress, you’re school life, career, love life.. and many more!! Whew! It’s tiring to answer all of these questions, yet, I don’t wanna lie to every single answer I reply. They still deserve to know what’s happening, they’re still family. Boastful Adults. Whew. They’re all over the clan. Everybody wants to get you down, let you feel that they are better than you. Sarcastically sweet. — though I cannot take it when it’s already too much.

Going back with the essence and feel of the season, it’s pretty hard to adjust when you’ve been the apple of the eye for the family; however, we have to admit that we also want to grow. It’s kinda sick to ask for attention every now and then, perhaps, what’s normal today is you wanted to be alone, or you wanted to be by yourself and do your own stuffs.

Traditionally, when you’ve grown, it’s your time to share. Do not escape!

Let us remind ourselves that Christmas is about giving, and the Son of God was born on this day, thus, CHILDREN ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS ; NOT THE IMMATURE PEOPLE.

How do teens celebrate their holidays?

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr: Holiday posts are everywhere, greetings from friends and co-workers. Extending their messages through cyber world.

Left and right Christmas parties, coming home pleasured with alcohol.

Are traditions still there?

Choosing between families and friends, If given a choice, I’ll choose friends. Our times were over. However, I understand, its rude to spend it with friends, keeping traditions is moderately hard to keep nowadays. Everything’s conventional.

But keeping the essence of this season must always be present.

Adults: Forgive the people that you have had some misunderstandings, share what you can give. Remind yourself that you were once innocent, and you may use this experience by empathizing to the young ones. Let them experience the happiness you have experienced during the same situation. Do not deprive the children by the conventional world’s flow.

Fast-paced world is a threat and may kill all the traditions that our ancestors had established. We can modify but we cannot change the whole thing with just what we want. We can practice practicality while keeping customs.

These changes are threats for the younger generations; preservation for traditions must be somehow implied. Not only during fiestas but also in every possible way we can.

Your blogger’s uncertain if you agree with this, but hey, its “viviethoughts” hahaha!:)

Please comment your thoughts as well!:) Happy Holidays!:) God Bless!:D


2 responses to “Fading Christmas Traditions

  • DonnieDarko

    Christmas truly is bout remembering that lil Kid born in a humble hut. I believe yer belief in Christmas and most a’ us have forgotten. Well there weren’t much fun with our kids here cuz the adults were too busy making ol em stuff to work out on the “eve”.

    Traditions would slowly be consumed by the consumerist and economical world. But still, the human will can make things work as they develop. I still believe that there are still people out there who still remembers what the day is for.

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