Stupids exist, and I exist.

This is not the ideal “first post of the year” but, anyway.. This may be applied all-year-round. Let’s just say that this blog may be read to avoid annoying situations such as these..

When you’re not in the mood, you’re flushed in anger and inflamed, you tend to be vulnerable for danger. You obtain thoughts like you can bring a group of men down out of your fist. You wanted to smoke. You want the entire environment to be serene for a while until you feel better. Even a single sound from a creaking door would trigger you to burst and scream as loud as you can.

Curse the people who intentionally want you to react in this manner. They are insensitive; they may have been thinking that you wont be affected. Youre numb; you dont even mind about anything at all.

Try targeting the person with its weaknesses and for sure, he/shell get weak. It only takes a little logic to understand this. Take away the rest of stupidity in your system.

There are some people who’ll always think that you are stupid. A consistent belief for them that it is effortless to take advantage of you and that you are easy.

How did they arrive with this belief?

Since you have made mistakes such as grammatical incorrectness which is evident in your posted blogs on your site and there were times that you were committed with misspelled and mispronounced words and many other errors that most of normal beings are charged with.

It is a pleasure to throw nasty words unto their faces, for you are knowledgeable about their backstabbing act.

It is in your head to wait for the right time to make your sweet revenge and let them swallow all the words they have thrown at your back.

What the hell’s their problem??

You’re not that pretty/handsome to get them insecure.

You’re not even a genius to question you at your back.

And most especially, you are not a God to understand them in the midst of their annoyance and untruthfulness toward you.

For the deceiving people and for those who think that they’re doing good with their so-called acts, please don’t make your world smaller.

I am sorry, and I have to excuse, for the writer cannot waste her time anymore. This message is not only for you, him, and her. This may be taken as a learning lesson for everyone who have been victimized by the same people. Not all situations should drive your attention and effort to understand why it happened. Let them realize that you are better than them. That you are much more educated than them. Composed. Calm. Educated.

Let them see that you have more things to do than to play with their stupidity. You are not their personal psychiatrist. They might not have the ability to comprehend your anticipated advices if that happens. Tsss…Close-minded people.

You wont get any benefits from minding them. You are just another gossip for them to spread. Your an issue that won’t be alive for too long, thus, they won’t need you for entertainment if you ignore them.

If they are accusing you of something that you are innocent of, let them accuse until they get tired, until they’re sentenced for perjury. They know the truth, if they didn’t, more proof of being stupid for them.

Why are we affected?

Most possible reason for this is, you know that this person has the potential to be good. That he/she has some skills, spreading news with such believable fallacies, you gotta be my sales agent!

Going back, he/she has the potential to think well just like everybody else. But who are we to blame them? As my friend had said:

“She might be playing her own stupid games on her own again”

Let them play their games, leave them alone for their happiness, but don’t even dare to join their game ‘cause you’ll be as much as them, even worse.

What if you’re helpless?

We cannot deny the fact, that this is where real stupidity enters the picture. We all have our measures and limits of patience. When it’s too much already please do some action. Recall why court of justice had been introduced and is still exiting, for the objective of maintenance of justice for all.

There are really situations when you have to act as well. So that you won’t be abused too much. You did not live to apply the dramas in the television in your life. Use your mind. Know your rights. Use it sometimes. Don’t be ignorant. Don’t be stupid.

Most of the times, we let this stupidity roll back and forth due to our VIPs in life. We cannot afford to let them slip away. So we tolerate them. Hoorray for the stupids!!

And there also instances where you can’t voice out because the person or people who deprives you from exercising your rights are the authorities. And when you try to fight it out. You’ll surely be left with tiresome and fruitless output. So it leaves you waiting… waiting for the right time to escape and move out from the eyes of the authority.

Escaping is another topic to discuss, for now, I have to make it clear that it is not the solution. There will always be people who can never understand you, and who will do everything to drag you down. To make you stagnant. It is your call. It is your life.

It’s your life so live it well ‘cause you only have one.

For analysis:

You may take them as your “threats” for you may not control your temper when they have really got into your nerves.

On the other hand, I have to consider it as a strength..
It can measure your foundation… how strong it works…
And we all are informed that you are strong enough to be focused on your own things and let the haters lurk until they’re tired and drained.

If it bothers you why they exist like i do.. let’s not waste our efforts..
Let’s concentrate on: Why do we exist?


2 responses to “Stupids exist, and I exist.

  • DonnieDarko

    I say live the life ye want. Curse all ye want, rant all ye want. Have yer own fun while its there, i mean ye’ve got no time to waste on em people sayin yers be like this, theirs be like that. Peeps will always throw stuff at ye, kick em in the nuts if it gives ye that much hell but don’t give a bag a’ crap about those things.

    We have the privilege to speak out, and so do those peeps ya tellin here. Let’s just get our faces numb and get our game on. Nothin’ a’ those words be bringin ye slow and down. Keep steady at yer aim and i know ye be headin’ off to great things.

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