Updating YOU!

Updates for ending year2010. First of! I’d like to thank everybody who have dropped their comments!

For the people who visit my blogsite and for keeping themselves updated! THANK YOU!!:D

I’d like to apologize for the last posts. (The posts from formspring.Com)
I have deleted the rest and just kept one. By the way feel free to ask some questions there!:)
It’s a good communication tool as well.

So as you have noticed, the site has incorporated a new theme. I chose this theme for much more navigable features.
On the left portion of your screen: The S.W.O.T. Categories, followed by other posts.
‘Other posts’ include posts like this article: the updates, reviews etc. etc.

Subscription is also available!:) Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll be updated thru your e-mails.

Twitter updates are also included in the widgets. Follow me if you like!:)

*Rating posts are also applicable from today!:) please keep your comments coming and you may also pair it with rating the post/s.

By the way, if you’d like to suggest some topics for another post, please inform me, better yet, if you also have your blogs drop your addresses on the comment box along with your comments.

I promise to find time to read your blogs too!:)

Thank You and God Bless!:)

-Vivie Repato


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