Embarrassment = Brutality

Currently, the only people that lives in the house is me, my mom, my eldest brother and his girlfriend. I usually work on my blogs from 10pm until the sun rises. My timeline is same with my brother.

One evening, my brother told me that he was about to sleep, and that I am responsible for closing all the windows and doors. So, I went on working..

It was 4am. I was browsing sites.. I wasn’t working for my blog. Let’s just say… those sites were personal.

He’s awake! He went out of his room and went straight to my desk. He was teasing me terribly when he saw my screen.

With my initial reaction.. I punched him from my nearest rear. I had hit his crotch.

He fell into the floor due to intense pain, and even bumped his head on the table.

I was laughing silently.. telling myself “Good for you, that’s what you get for minding other’s businesses”
(Well in fact, he was just about to borrow my lighter… I was just REALLY embarrassed)

He went in anger.. I felt a little guilt.. but, Nah! He was intruding!!! HAHAHA!! (and nah… I was really embarrassed)

He went outside.. “Are you feeling better?” I said.

He did not reply..

And before he went back to his room..

“Sorry” and I giggled.

HAHAHAAHAHAH!! I was embarrassed!! We got even!:)

For my brother: Soorry na kuya.. Peace na please? I love you!:)


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