Facebook Era

Facebook had been the most successful social networking across the globe. If it happens to be that you don’t own a facebook account, which is close to impossible, I personally recommend you to watch ‘The Social Network’ to be able to comply.. somehow.

Since this networking site had been the trend for socializing, the users tend to have their own set of advantages and disadvantages in regard to facebook.

For the last couple of years, facebook had played its role as the primary medium for communication. Especially for the younger generations. It had been very effective to reach out to people whom you have assumed that you might not be seeing anymore.

The applications, quizzes that helps you find out more about MORE. Anything goes and everything fades as you ‘refresh’ that ‘Recent Updates’ in your homepage. Almost everything about the person you want to search is given. Well of course, it depends on his/her own ‘private settings’. Other people really wanted to be transparent on their daily basis.

Many users may have been harmed by the the abusive members of the same social network service. Many may have stalked you without your knowledge.

We have all our stories about it. Earlier, my dad phoned my mom.
He asked for me.

My dad just went back to his work overseas from spending his holidays with us. Therefore, we took pictures..assorted images. Goofy, stolen, serious, impressive.. everything that could be captured by the lensed device.

Later on, it was posted on, of course, facebook.
I took the pictures, and most of it were theirs.. so i decided to pass the ‘uploading-responsibility’ to my brother. And so he did.

Going back to dad’s phone call.. It was about the holiday pictures, not only his but also my mom’s and my brothers’. He was alarmed when he found out that before he went back for work, other officemantes were already making fun of their pictures via facebook..

Its rude for his office-mates to act so unprofessional. But it is more of our fault that we did not take precautionary measures. Cyberworld is accessible to everyone, but we all have the option to make it hidden or vulgar.

I thought it was from my profile, since I am the most facebook-addict in the fam. But I was more than sure to confirm that my profile was in great deal of privacy. All albums are hidden only for my ‘friends’ and, others are even customized.

And then I remembered about my brother’s private settings. I guaranteed my dad to find out how did it happen and assured him to check and arrange my brother’s settings.

So I did. I discovered that his albums and videos were for everyone to see. We arranged it as soon as I got out from my bed. I mean, yes, we would like to make fun of my dad sometimes, ’cause he’s really cool. Our ultimate bonding is to fool around and do some goofy acts. But we all wanted respect, not all people are welcomed to make fun of our bloodline unless we suggest it or unless you are a part of the family. It’s a common unsaid rule. Only if you have ethics.

So, I may not say that facebook is a strength or a threat for communication. Like all other things, it has two-sides. the pros and cons. It only depends on the user on how he/she protects himself/herself from harm.


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