First Weakness Revealed : Manila Ocean Park

So it had been a long time since I have last posted a blog. I have to apologize! Not that I assume of gaining more readers after every posts, but I also have to keep my word right?
Anyway, lately, I have been busy having my practicum at Manila Ocean Park.

Currently, I have been training to make-up for the remaining 300hrs of Practicum. There are about nine trainees from different schools in our department. We belong in the guest services department.
Welcoming smiles, tearing and scanning the tickets, reminding everyone to deactivate the flash of their cameras, so on and so forth.
During my first week, almost everybody doubted my ability to cope up with the tiring work. And it was really challenging, especially when it comes to patience. Guests tend to be very annoying, and sometimes an attendant can’t avoid harassment.
There’s this one story that a trainee was once yelled by a principal… “ESTUPIDA!!!”
This principal was trying to change their itinerary, which is quite impossible since, the schedule was primarily designed for each school to avoid traffic in certain areas. The trainee was trying to explain those points, it seemed that the principal could not understand and lost her temper.

It is undeniably unfair for the regular and contractual employees to obtain such challenging job yet, receive a minimum waged salary.
Considering the fact of these tiring everydays, there would always be an inside issue.

Contractuals are being abused by the regulars, ojts are being abused by the regulars. Tsk, Politics.

There are toxic posts within guest services’ responsibility.

“Ticketing” : Assigned for the Oceanarium’s ticketing, tear, scan and validate the tickets before each guest can enter.
-toxic when there are about 5,000 number of students for booked tours, walk-in guests not included

“Baggage Counter” : Just a few meters away from ticketing, it is where the guests can surrender their food and drinks before they can come in.
-toxic when the guests thought they can eat inside oceanarium, and when its raining…
-when it rains, since “Agos” (First zone) is an open area, there would be a provision of a free-use of umbrellas, and will be collected before entering “Bahura” (Second Zone)

“Dalam” : Dalampasigan, guests are allowed to touch the sea star gently inside the basket. It is also where guests usually break the “No Flash Photography” policy.
-toxic when the area is crowded, an attendant must monitor the sea star (starfish) and at the same time, assure that all guests had already deactivated their camera flash.
-it is also where umbrellas are collected when raining, an attendant must bring back all the collected umbrellas to the baggage counter

“KPP” (Kalalilman, Pating, Pagi) : where an assigned attendant reminds the guests to take off the flash of their cameras. This post covers three zones in oceanarium. This is also where the guests are reminded that the exit is on the second level.

*upon exit of oceanarium: second level, more activities and posts will appear:

“Fish Spa”: an attendant must check the tickets and at the same time provide towels for the guests
-have not been assigned here yet (cannot rate)

“GBBR” (Glass Bottom Boat Ride) :usually for male attendants and trainees, they pull the ropes to move the boat above and around the “tunnel”, the boat is featured with a glass on the bottom to see the view from above.
-male attendants say that when a boat is fully loaded it is harder to finish the ride, especially when the guests are big. HAHAHA!

“Water ball”: attendants will inflate the plastic ball and let the guest enjoy for a couple of minutes
-for male attendants and trainees

Other posts:
“Con-course” it is where the attendant gather the guests for booked tours and available for the walk-in guests to entertain their concerns and questions

Most of the time, I am being assigned at “Dalam”, not until I had reported one guest that had took advantage of my post, in fact there were more than five times when guests acted like moors.

Just like any attendant would do, patience must reign, or else a worse day would occur.

It is questionable why a trainee would be left alone at any post. Many trainees had said that it could be reported at the office, we are trainees and not employees.

There’s this trainee, a cousin of a well-known person, he had been treated like a king…

Other trainees can’t help but notice the indifference, should we also flaunt our wealth or should we just keep it until we wait for the right time when we can evaluate them?

One regular employee is getting into our nerves and is very evident that she only wanted to suck benefits from the ojts, of course, I would not allow her to do the same with me.

So, she’s backstabbing me, just like everybody else. Whew! These people are really everywhere! We have to deal with the likes of her and let them realize regarding their nasty practice. She is not even a supervisor. TSK!

One of these days, she might receive something what she deserves..;)

See, when you’re tired and drained you’re weak. And this time, I am.

Just one more strike, and….
Hhmm.. I’ll update you!:) hahahaah!!

*12 hours a day, 6 times a week.. and I am weakening.


2 responses to “First Weakness Revealed : Manila Ocean Park

  • Patz

    Have you done something wrong? It looks more like a punishment rather than a practicum.
    Some regular employees treat new ones as their subordinates even if you share the same seat in the org chart. Most think seniority has a large weight in today’s competition, seniority has an advantage to everyday’s activities but a new employee can cope with that overtime.
    Right after you’ve completed your hours, leave!

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