Hidden 123

There will always be “hidden rules”, “hidden deadlines” and “hidden emotions”

Why do people hide something important when they can actually reveal and tell the world about everything they want?

Insecurities? Fear? Discretion?

Let us first start with the “Hidden Rules”. These rules may not be really hidden for it is also one of the manifestations that the people who knows these are the people who have successfully obtained common sense – and/or the people who are really sensitive to see and feel the real things.

Those “hidden deadlines”. When people have these certain unpronounced goals to achieve and pending things to wait for, it is when they proclaim their definitions of “ENOUGH”.

Not all emotions must always be broadcasted. “Hidden Emotions”, they were born when obstacles towards your emotions are on its way, these are for the non-risktakers and the li-low persons who ends up being lonely – or maybe, the people who practice these are those who respect the “other person” on the state of what he/she is in today. You see, some emotions causes confusions to other people, let them be free, and so are you.

Not everybody can understand and not everyone can agree but there will never be a contradiction to the fact that: YOU OWN YOURSELF, therefore, you must control yourself.
You may hide or you may get loose, whatever you do, it dictates the doer and not the critic.

Let the critic get nuts until they get tired. It is wiser to get busy and be happy, sooner or later you’ll see and feel the benefits of ignoring the people who pretended to care for you.

So what’s the sense of these ‘hidden’ things?

That will always be a part of ‘self-preservation’ so that you may survive. When everybody knows everything about you, it makes you very vulnerable for others.

If the people whom you think cares about you will really find time to unveil these hidden things, and I tell you it feels more than heaven when you feel the effort is around you.

Why hide something when you can measure your strength by the people you think that they can bring you down with all these information?

Each person has their own strengths, and it takes a lifetime to know oneself. One may be very courageous to face the world naked and yet protect himself/herself like a well-equipped knight. How I wish every good man can just grab that personality and say, “hey, I owe this to myself, I am a good man”. But that’s not how the way it is. (Not that I say I am good person)

“Every rule has an exception” I agree. Just choose the people well before you make an exception. Be careful and be adventurous, life’s hard enough to make it scripted. Be yourself, choose your path and let the people come in. Fake personalities can never stand the real ones, just stay tough and sturdy : reveal yourself naturally, not too fast and not too slow, and soon the worthy people will stay and be acknowledged at the end of the day.

Soon, we’ll find the right person and the right people.


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