Goals and Priorities

Priorities and Goals, and what if they intervene?

I thought these two big words come together like peanut-butter and jelly, but just when I found out, these two might come clashing.

Explaining and sharing everything beyond bum-ness, I’d like to inform you first that these points came from your blogger’s personal note. So if you have your own comments and suggestions, please do drop it on the comment box. Thanks! and I hope this makes sense…

Starting with priorities. These are the most significant living or non-living things in your life. May it be your activities, passion, stands, beliefs, so on and so forth… The best way to determine your priorities is when you cannot exchange it/him/her/them to something else, whatever the case is. These things also allow a person to be defined by it/those. It is a big word of course, that’s why people who obtain priorities also have a big role, on how to protect and secure their priorities.

At some point, priorities may be mistaken as a ‘want’ or a ‘need’: ‘wants’ sometimes it even leads an individual to be selfish and stubborn and ‘needs’ sometimes over-rates practicality, and they both have the capacity to dictate the direction of one’s life.

Determining the difference of your ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ is another topic to tell but, priorities must not join to add confusion, because priorities are chosen to be prioritized (not forced). It is totally different. I have not heard of any story that priorities were easily ignored; it may be forgotten for some time but not erased. Always remember that when prioritizing, the most important and meaningful for you is on top of the list.

are for the dreamers, for the people who wanted to prove something to the world, but most especially, to prove something within them. It’s always a good state to sit down and plot your goals in life, but when you’re about to stand up and make it happen, that is the same moment when obstacles occur.

I believe that the so-called dreamers are good people who aim for the best. Defining ‘best’ – also means that their plans does not intend to hurt or harm anybody, may this be the case, huge percentage of this goal will be declined for reality or may not exist for long. So be careful of every intention you hold, it might be used against you if pursued.

After being a dreamer, he/she must also be a healthy worker. Everybody’s able to work with discipline, practice everything without doing away with his/her rights to rest, cleanse and unwind. We all need a dose of those to regain focus and strength.

Determination and perseverance. Some people will really never leave your side, and you should be ready for the kinds of them. Good friends, quoted “friends” and the ultimate distractions. Let them help you to be stronger, avoid flaunting of what you have achieved but continue your actions to get closer to that “big thing”.

Making it happen by moving forward. Applying this action, obstacles will surely appear on the road. Obstacles may re-track/misled/confuse you, these are the manifestations of trials. The harder the trials the stronger you become. Be consistent, keep yourself on the track and frequently remind yourself about that goal you are aiming for.

When things are getting tough, it’s actually be best time to be challenged. Best things in life are not easily achieved and a person works hard for it. Hell yeah, talking about the sweating of blood and tears out.

Achieve and maintain. Congratulations! You have achieved your goal! Haha! Now, savor the moment and keep that goal open for improvements.

Priorities versus Goals

“First things first” putting your dreams behind your priorities. Willingness to sacrifice for your priority would be hard of course, but there’s always another option. If you are really determined to achieve your goal, why not try to balance everything? Challenging, yep it is.

There was this saying: “If it’s really for you, it will just run smoothly” – shall we believe this all the way? We gotta do a little action; the engine would not start if you haven’t hit the keys!

But hey, we have to gauge the situation as well. Worse comes to worse, delaying or modifying the plans would not be a bad idea after all. Take out a little of stubbornness out of your system, besides, depletion of chances to pursue will not take place unless you quit. Keep in mind that chances are always there, you just have to be creative in finding ways.

Basically, that’s it. You see, I may not have achieved something huge to share these things, but all I know is that when you really aim for something big, you can never quit.

Quitting filters opportunities from flowing.

May we all have a brighter future ahead and continue to learn through life experiences!:)

Psst! Pa-comment ka naman! Hahaha!


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