This post must have been “My student Life Summary” but I don’t think this post is fitted for that title.

I have been trying to compose this since last night, and I just dunno where to start. I mean, fifteen years of continuous study. Whoa! There were times that I cursed the man who invented education, I was eager to find the man who said that education should be taken this long! Fifteen years, damn it.

Well that was before, as I was taking a peek of the past 15 years, I felt that I haven’t had enough and had enough, (And then I stopped typing again)… okay, that was confusing.

What the fudge have I really learned? Have I retained my basic lessons?
Does my student life end here? I am still craving for more learning!! But

I don’t want it on a four-cornered room again, I’m sick of the powerpoint presentations and handouts! Besides, I can’t afford to pay for my education. I want to be on the real thing in a real way!

So many questions and changes that I want to know and occur.

I am sorry to disappoint you about my “student life summary” but it only begins from here. And if you have time, please have lunch with me and teach me the things you’re good at.

May it be an emotional, intellectual, spiritual, professional, social, or financial learning.. BRING IT ON!

And c’mon, the world’s getting weak, with all these global warming and earthquake, when would be the right time to do these things? Now.

Thanks for dropping by at my page, it would be nicer if you’d drop your comments too.


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