“That’s impossible, only if you think it’s impossible. “

This afternoon, I came across with Mr. Bo Sanchez’s videos on youtube. Bo’s one of the favorite inspirational authors and speakers of my mom, so I tried to search him in. With this one video, he was talking about impossibilities.

He said that: That’s impossible, only if you think it’s impossible.

He shared a story about a college student, a typical college student.

He went out of bed late for his Math class, and when he arrived the class was already starting with their discussion.

At the corner of the board, there were two math problems written, so he copied it assuming that it was an assignment or a take-home quiz.
When he got back from his dorm, he started solving the problem. Religiously, he was trying to solve it for five days straight. On the fifth day, he solved the two, he had re-written in on a neat sheet of paper and went to the faculty room to submit it. The professor wasn’t around so he left it on the teacher’s table.

The following day, he was surprised with a call from his professor. The man screams the name of the student and said that he solved the problem. “Of course I did, it was an assignment right?” the boy replied. “No, those two problems were the problems that were left unsolved for 200 years now! And you solved it!”

Of course, the boy was surprised. All the mathematicians that lived found it impossible to solve a problem, and a typical college boy had solved it for five days. Amazing.


This story made us realized that impossibilities are born through facts, but without knowing the facts around us makes us believe that it is possible to do certain things. An individual may be successful without knowing everything.

If the boy came right on-time for his class while the professor was explaining the two unsolved math problems, he might not have even tried solving the problem. But he believed that it was just another challenging problem and just needs a little more time and effort to be done. So he did it.

Try observing the children who believe that everything is impossible, these children who have no idea about the failures of the people before them, they take things as if everything’s going to happen. They won’t stop trying until you told them it’s impossible.

Facts are helpful, but if it intervening with your dreams, you may modify it and make change.

Telling yourself that it is impossible only advances you to your failure without trying.

So it is true, Bo Sanchez, is an inspiring person.

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