Marriage is a Commitment.

This is my ‘reaction paper’ for my subject entitled Christian Vocation and the Commitment in Marriage

As I was cleaning my documents, I came across to this one, dated August 14, 2010.

So here it is…one of my beliefs revealed, raw as it was.

2.Pagbabago ng Aral
3.Tunay na Pagmamahalan

In the beginning God created man out of love. As it is written in the Bible, Eve came into being purposely to be Adam’s company in Paradise. We all know what happened to them after the apple was eaten until they were sent out of Paradise. Life was all so different afterwards for them. It was filled with joys and pains but on top of it was love which was God’s greatest gift to man.

It is God’s grace that teaches man how to love himself and another human being. However, there are so many kinds of love around us. Perhaps, the most common of them all is the one that starts with a boy-girl relationship that we see in television sets and movies. This is the romantic love that is so evident in their words and actions. Suffice it to say, even without hearing their conversation the actions will divulge what’s in the heart and mind. Whatever it is going around them, they care only about the two of them. This is the kind of love filled with romance that usually ends up in separation especially if the two lovers are so young in age and there is not enough maturity.

How do you find true love? There is only one basis for this. The Bible says one who loves is patient, forbearing, trusts, full of hope and perseveres to the end. In truth, it is hard to really love but with God we can do all things.

A married couple may possess a love like this. Two hearts ready to be one whether in poverty or riches, in sickness or health, in joys and pain may personify the love that can stand the tests of time. Maybe we have been witnesses to a couple celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary which means they are together for the past 50 years. Indeed, this is a milestone. But sad to say, we see more couples who are married only for a year or two simply because they are not ready to forego their personal choices in favor of their loved one. There is no more sense of sacrifice these days. Gone are the days when married couples are counseled to be selfless and to understand the other by giving way. How different times are and so much changes are done to show that the unity no longer exists.

It can be said that love is true when it is founded on service which includes one’s time, talent and treasure. This is the love that brings out the best in the other. No one loves without getting hurt. Even Christ needed to be in so much pain just to show us how much He loves us.

Sa panahon ng unos ang sandigan ng mag-asawa ay ang isa’t isa

Life can never be exactly like you want it to be…so goes the song. True enough life is not a bed of roses. Life is so much more than we can comprehend. In any state of life, there is always something that we do not have. Such is the state of married life. When a couple gets financially stable, more likely their relationship is very fragile. It can be broken in a very petty way. Seems like the foundation of the relationship is nothing more than money. Or sometimes, one of the couple is terminally ill. No matter how much money there is the pain that comes from being sick makes life sad. Sometimes, want of money magnifies a small problem like lack of food, decent home, education, health, necessities in life that cannot be easily put aside. In short, life cannot be without problems.

Husband and wife help one another in times of troubles in life. A father must provide for the needs of the family by working sometimes going out of the country for a more comfortable life for his loved ones. While he supports, the mother takes care of the family, the home and the domestic concerns of each child. She budgets the finances and sees to it that all is well at home. She cooks, cleans, laundries and does all that is needed to be done.

Every couple needs each other to raise a family. A family cannot be without problem. All issues from small to big, are supposed to be taken by both husband and wife. Times are father loses a job, the mother assures him that all will be well. In case, mother is fed up with all the household chores, the father consoles her and gives her the inspiration by helping her out with her duties. It is normal to complain because we are all human beings. The case in point is that we get things in control afterwards and recovers from our weaknesses.

Though this is easier said than done, we have our trust in the help of Him Who grants us all what we ask in this life. Every day comes with enough troubles and concerns. Knowing this, the husband must give the allowance needed by his wife for her to carry on the whole day. In the same manner, the wife must be ready to take the day’s worries having in mind that all comes from the Good God and He will send His graces to make everything fall in place at the end of the day. So, when the day comes to its close, both husband and wife share the blessings of pains and joys coming from the problems that make life colorful, surprising, interesting and worth living simply because they have each other to hold on to.

Unang sangkap: Pagtutulungan, Journey together, Responsible to one Another
Quality time
Understanding and Patience
Truth and Inspiration

Loving one another entails the living up to one’s commitment until the end of time. To be able to help the other by accepting all the weaknesses and strengths that needs understanding and patience. When the couple gets married, they start their journey together, hand in hand, looking out for each other along the way. Sometimes, one gets lost as he travels on life’s road leaving the other behind. If it is the husband who gets strayed the wife should be strongly committed in getting him back on the right lane since she vowed that nothing can part the two of them from each other for life. She must, by all means, be understanding and patient in doing this. She can spend time, that is quality time, to set the right mode for their relationship to get back as it is before. The wife, in this case, will he held responsible for her husband’s well being. He cannot stay just wherever he wants because he also vowed that he will love and cherish his wife all his life. At this point, the truth must prevail. All of us know that the truth hurts but no matter how much it hurts it should be lived. In time, this situation will pass by. However, the lesson learned from it will stay as an inspiration for couples to cherish the treasure of each other.

On the other hand, if the wife loses her direction, then it is the turn of her husband to do his part of the deal. He is responsible for his wife and there is no acceptable reason that he can let her go. They are bound by the sacrament of matrimony and it is God himself Who says “What God has joined together let no man put asunder” thus, only death can separate them. But for as long as they are alive they are expected to testify to the love that God blessed them with.

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