Who the heck is Vivie Repato???

I am Vivie Repato, nearly graduating at the end of semester.

I am Asian just like Confucius, Dalai Lama and Genghis Khan

I am a Filipino just like Dr. Jose Rizal, Corazon Aquino and Manny Pacquiao

I am human, and I get through life just like YOU.


What can you find in this site?

These are all about things, people, situations and instances that life brings us.

These are about my thoughts, okay, it might not be with the same thought as yours and I am willing to hear yours through your comments.

For the rest of the “About”s please find time to read the available blogs around this site.

It’s Vivie Repato. Nothing more, nothing less. Just me.

Anything goes… Enjoy!


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