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My Last Day as a Teen (Personal Modifications)

In just a few hours, I’d be turning 20. Whew! Another year had passed; many things had been done and missed. I know, it seems that I am older than my age seems to be, and I don’t know if it’s a compliment or not (!)

Anyway, my objectives for my 20th year on earth deal with implementation of my personal changes, omissions and improvements in life. All the doors that came ajar would be fully opened. Ready to open more opportunities to grow. This is my ultimate birthday gift for myself to keep my coming years worthwhile and exciting. Continue reading

Goals and Priorities

Priorities and Goals, and what if they intervene?

I thought these two big words come together like peanut-butter and jelly, but just when I found out, these two might come clashing.

Explaining and sharing everything beyond bum-ness, I’d like to inform you first that these points came from your blogger’s personal note. So if you have your own comments and suggestions, please do drop it on the comment box. Thanks! and I hope this makes sense… Continue reading

Hidden 123

There will always be “hidden rules”, “hidden deadlines” and “hidden emotions”
Continue reading

…and i saw her again

Earlier today, I went to school to report for something. First, I had to dropby somwhere to get my medical requirements done.. It was just a few blocks away from our school..

While walking, I have my cigarette and my earphones attached to both ears.. A typical walking trip. I am getting nearer, so I threw my cigar away, took out one of my earphones and went inside.

As I swiped my I.D., I thought I heard somebody who called my name.. So I took a glance on the lobby.. I did not see anybody who’s familiar so I went forward…

I was surprised when somebody embraced me from behind.. It was her.
And I greeted her with a warm smile.. Had a little chat, and she hugged me again, kissed me on my cheeks.

Now tell me,, is this a threat? Hahahha!!

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First Weakness Revealed : Manila Ocean Park

So it had been a long time since I have last posted a blog. I have to apologize! Not that I assume of gaining more readers after every posts, but I also have to keep my word right?
Anyway, lately, I have been busy having my practicum at Manila Ocean Park. Continue reading

Facebook Era

Facebook had been the most successful social networking across the globe. If it happens to be that you don’t own a facebook account, which is close to impossible, Continue reading

Embarrassment = Brutality

Currently, the only people that lives in the house is me, my mom, my eldest brother and his girlfriend. I usually work on my blogs from 10pm until the sun rises. My timeline is same with my brother.

One evening, my brother told me that he was about to sleep, Continue reading