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Marriage is a Commitment.

This is my ‘reaction paper’ for my subject entitled Christian Vocation and the Commitment in Marriage

As I was cleaning my documents, I came across to this one, dated August 14, 2010.

So here it is…one of my beliefs revealed, raw as it was.
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Hidden 123

There will always be “hidden rules”, “hidden deadlines” and “hidden emotions”
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Stupids exist, and I exist.

This is not the ideal “first post of the year” but, anyway.. This may be applied all-year-round. Let’s just say that this blog may be read to avoid annoying situations such as these..

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Friends/Peers/Buddies (Whatever you wanna call them)

Friends, we have all sorts.

Kindergarten friends, have recess with the same person for more than one week, then he/she is  automatically considered your bestfriend.

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