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For Myka Gutierrez

Since I failed to go to Myka’s wake and burial, I promised myself to at least write a post for her, somehow, I hope, this will help to push through justice. I am not a close friend, but I knew her, we spoke a few times and we took some subjects together. I asked for her help Continue reading


…and i saw her again

Earlier today, I went to school to report for something. First, I had to dropby somwhere to get my medical requirements done.. It was just a few blocks away from our school..

While walking, I have my cigarette and my earphones attached to both ears.. A typical walking trip. I am getting nearer, so I threw my cigar away, took out one of my earphones and went inside.

As I swiped my I.D., I thought I heard somebody who called my name.. So I took a glance on the lobby.. I did not see anybody who’s familiar so I went forward…

I was surprised when somebody embraced me from behind.. It was her.
And I greeted her with a warm smile.. Had a little chat, and she hugged me again, kissed me on my cheeks.

Now tell me,, is this a threat? Hahahha!!

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Fading Christmas Traditions

During my younger years, Christmas was yearly awaited. Every kid’s excited for huge and countless gifts to unwrap, vacation from school, and most especially, the time for a family reunion. I used to play with my cousins with my Christmas dress. I always get my dress in a wreck, behind it, I didn’t care at all. Everything that I have remembered with my Christmases was about receiving happiness in every potential practice. Continue reading

Dirty Talk

Just today, a girl friend of mine had informed me that my guy had chatted and messaged him in facebook. Continue reading