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For Myka Gutierrez

Since I failed to go to Myka’s wake and burial, I promised myself to at least write a post for her, somehow, I hope, this will help to push through justice. I am not a close friend, but I knew her, we spoke a few times and we took some subjects together. I asked for her help Continue reading


Fading Christmas Traditions

During my younger years, Christmas was yearly awaited. Every kid’s excited for huge and countless gifts to unwrap, vacation from school, and most especially, the time for a family reunion. I used to play with my cousins with my Christmas dress. I always get my dress in a wreck, behind it, I didn’t care at all. Everything that I have remembered with my Christmases was about receiving happiness in every potential practice. Continue reading

Dirty Talk

Just today, a girl friend of mine had informed me that my guy had chatted and messaged him in facebook. Continue reading